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Catalina Infante Beovic’s Todas somos una misma sombra (Neón Ediciones, 2018) translated by Michelle Mirabella

Entire translation manuscript available upon request.

The manuscript has garnered positive attention with the opening story, “An Island,” shortlisted for the 2021-22 John Dryden Competition and the fifth story, “A Body,” selected as a finalist in Columbia Journal‘s 2022 Spring Contest in the translation category.

John Better’s Limbo (Seix Barral, 2019) co-translated by George Henson and Michelle Mirabella

Entire translation manuscript available upon request.

Editing work

Abel Posse’s A Long Day in Venice, translated by George Henson (BeTimes Books, 2022)

Studio Assistant for Tulsa Artist Fellow George Henson tasked with reviewing and commenting on Henson’s translation draft of the memoir.

Routledge Handbook of Latin American Literary Translation, edited by Denise Kripper and Delfina Cabrera (Routledge, 2023)

Assistant Editor of the handbook tasked with reviewing, revising, and copy-editing the 22-chapter book in collaboration with fellow Assistant Editor Fiona Maloney-McCrystle.


Translation is Everywhere: Demystifying the Act of Translation at White Whale Bookstore

Instructor of a one-day introductory workshop introducing mono- and multilingual participants to the craft of translation.


“Emerging Together” Series (Jill: A Women+ in Translation Reading Series)

Curator of the series, aiming to foreground the work of emerging women translators working with emerging women authors. This project led to the essay “…all the words that are running through my head” (Hopscotch Translation, 2022).

Reading of Catalina Infante Beovic’s “An Island” (unpublished) at the ALTA45 2022 Virtual Travel Fellows Reading

Reading of Natalia García Freire’s “Chess Piece” (the Arkansas International, 2022) featured by Translators Aloud for Women in Translation Month

Bilingual reading of Catalina Infante Beovic’s “The Forest of Puerto Varas” (World Literature Today, 2021) featured by Jill: A Women+ in Translation Reading Series

Bilingual readings of Catalina Infante Beovic’s “Ferns” (World Literature Today, 2020) featured by Translators Aloud and Jill: A Women+ in Translation Reading Series

Reading of Iliana Vargas’s “Seed” (Exchanges Journal of Literary Translation, 2019) featured by Translators Aloud

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